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Teaching coordinator :

Elsa Cortijo

Level : Graduate

Course Language : French

Term : Spring

Number of hours : 12

ECTS Credits : 1
SGS_S4316 Dynamics of climates
Teaching site :
Objective: The course seeks to provide a coherent view of the disciplines contributing to an understanding of climate change (past, present and future), their modelling on global and regional scales and the subsequent validation.Emphasis will be placed on internal and external forcings, dynamic coupling, sensitivity and threshold effects.

Programme: The course comprises three parts:
  • Modelling of the climate: physics of the atmosphere, hydrosphere and geosphere; major forcings; dynamic interaction between fields; sensitivity of global and regional climate models.
  • Climate change in the recent past (the last tens and hundreds of thousands of years): method of recognition, recognized cycles; reappraisal of modelling.
  • Climates during the geological past: methods of reconstitution, analysis of extreme situations and associated environmental developments.

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