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Teaching coordinator :

Jean-Michel Le Cleac'h

Level : Graduate

Course Language : French

Term : Spring

Number of hours : 12

ECTS Credits : 1
SGS_S4416 Knowledge of precious stones
Objective: Objective One of the aims of this course is to teach students to become familiar with and to identify a number of gemstones by conducting a number of specific physical tests (measurement of refraction indexes, density, observation of optical absorption spectrums, etc.).Another aim is to help students to understand what makes a specific mineral suitable for gemmological use and why gemstones are extremely rare in nature, which therefore requires investigating their deposits, history and economic aspects.

Programme: Programme
  • What is a precious stone, a gemstone?
  • The most important gem minerals, their history and deposits.
  • Notions of gemmology.
  • Classification of precious stones.
  • Observation and identification of gem crystals, determination of elementary physical features such as hardness, volumic mass and colour.
  • Manipulation of crystalline optics: birefringence and pleochroism.
  • Regulations. The market for precious stones.

Requirements :

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