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Lecturers :

Benoît Weil
Pascal Le Masson

Teaching staff :
Marine AgoguÉ
Sophie Hooge

Level : Graduate

Course Language : French

Term : Fall

Number of hours : 37

ECTS Credits : 3
SGS_S9733/5 Product design and innovation
Teaching site :
Objective: Innovative companies today are developing new methods for organizing and managing design. Companies can’t wait for “flashes of insight” from creative geniuses; nor can the rely on risky and costly random trials. In this context, they have to redefine what is collective design: the activity, its reasoning, its organization. It requires joint thinking about the technical, scientific and managerial aspects. The course provides the basics for preparing the students to act in these new forms of organization of innovations design. The basics include:
  • the modelling of design reasoning;
  • familiarity with the industrial world so as to understand the origin and role of the various protagonists involved (marketing, research, technical departments, strategy and design);
  • contemporary crises and developments in design organizations faced with new stakes and new forms of innovation.

Programme: The course bears on at twofold logic:
1. Design reasoning and the related systems are presented in terms of the major phases in the rationalization of design activities in companies. This presentation relies on various historical examples (hydraulic wheel, Baldwin Locomotive Works 1860, Edison 1880, Eiffel 1889) and contemporary evidence (aeronautics, motor vehicles, micro-electronics, mobile telephony, household electrical goods, DIY).
2. Design theories are gradually implemented through a “design workshop” the design of a household object. A preliminary phase focuses on an analysis of the competitive environment, distribution methods, uses, industrial property and technical developments. A second phase aims to design an innovative policy by organizing the joint exploration of values and skills areas.

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