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A.F. Shorikov, S. Amstutz, P. Thoft-Christensen, R.M. Colombo, A. Groli, B. Bachelet, C. Duhamel, P. Mahey, L. Fernando Soares, S. Chaabane, J. Ferchichi, K. Kunisch, C. Fares, Y. Hamam, U. Felgenhauer, M. Fröhling, P. Thoft-Ch

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Information Processing
Recent Mathematical Advances in Optimization and Control

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Editeur(s) : Presses des Mines
Date d'édition : 01 février 2005
Langue : Français
Collection : Mathématiques et informatique

Nombre de pages : 268
Prix de vente : 50 €
ISBN : 2-911762-56-8
Format : 16 x 24

Directeur de collection : John Cagnol and Jean-Paul Zolesio
Résumé : Information processing, particularly in the sciences and engineering fields, is largely influenced by modeling and simulation. The selected articles presented in this book - issued from IFIP conferences and written by international scholars and experts - discuss a wide variety of applications and bring the most recent advances in applied mathematics and computational science.
In turn, new, efficient, publicly available or commercial tools are proposed or presented. They can be used in a number of fields: environmental science, transport and telecommunications, production planning, finance, auto-piloting systems, and non-cylindrical evolution control, to name just a few. IFIP (International Federation for Information Processing) is an organization established in 1960 under the auspices of UNESCO, working in the field of information processing. Technical work, which is the heart of IFIP's activity, is managed by a series of Technical Committees (TC). The 7th TC is concerned with system modeling and optimization, and it has met every other year since 1968.
John Cagnol is an assistant professor at Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci in Paris, France. He is the author of numerous journal articles, technical reports and conference presentations. Professor Cagnol is a member of the American Mathematical Society, the International Federation for Information Processing, and is the secretary for the IFIP Working Group 7.2 on Computational Techniques in Distributed Systems.
Jean-Paul Zolésio is a CNRS Research Director at the Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique in Sophia Antipolis, France. He is the author of over 160 papers and the author or editor of several books. Professor Zolésio is a member of the technical committee of the French lab OPRATEL, and the chair of the Working Group 7.2 of the 7th IFIP technical committee.

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